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Re: My baby plucked her feathers in one day! Help me!

Posted by Pete on 2/22/10
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    On 2/19/10, Rose wrote:
    > I have an 11 year old Congo African Grey who has great
    > feather and I have a baby, just under a year who had great
    > feather until today. About two months ago I brought home a
    > female grey who is plucked from neck tail. My little baby
    > has never plucked. They all three get equal amount of
    > attention. Today I came home and she has plucked out ALL
    > her tail feathers and has chewed quite a bit of her wing
    > back feathers. I have had her since last May and nothing
    > has changed except for the new baldie. What is happening?
    > Why is she chewing/plucking? Is she possibly learning bad
    > habits from the plucker? Please help! I saw her and cried
    > for an hour. I feel so terrible. I have read all over the
    > place online that birds will pluck if they are unhappy. I
    > just don't understand how she can be unhappy. My 11 year
    > old male is just fine. My baby! Please help!

    Did you check the new CAG out with an Avian Vet before
    you put the Birds together? The experts usually advise a
    quarantine period of a month or more to be sure that any new
    member of your flock does not have some disease that could
    be spread to the other members. You should take all three
    Birds to an Avian et before things get worse.