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Re: My baby plucked her feathers in one day! Help me!

Posted by Jane on 3/09/10
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    On 3/04/10, GreyLady wrote:
    > On 3/02/10, dana wrote:
    >> check the baby for fungus wash it in quater cup dawn and cap of
    >> bleach to insure there is no fungus r irritant and is the other
    >> bird making it nervous
    > I don't believe I'd be jumping on this bit of advice without
    > talking to my vet first. The tiniest amount of Dawn, even when
    > cleaning up animals after an oil spill, makes huge amounts of
    > suds. A "quarter cup"????????? I don't think so. I also don't
    > think your vet will tell you to put bleach on the bird either.
    > Be very careful.
    I agree with GreyLady, don't ever put bleach on a bird. In fact,
    you should follow the other advice you received and bring the
    birds to an avian vet. If there is a medical issue it needs to be
    addressed before it become more serious.