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Re: what do you feed your greys?

Posted by Jane on 3/26/10
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    On 3/26/10, april leonard wrote:
    > On 3/25/10, Tammy Hunnaman wrote:
    >> What does everyone feed their African Greys? Mine eats
    >> Lieber pellets,nuts,fruit loops, and whatever I eat for
    >> supper that night.No dairy products or pork.Also mine
    >> cusses like a sailor anyway to dicourage this?
    > u are doing well with the food in my opinoin the cussing the
    > only thing u can do is ijnore it ........i have an grey and
    > i know how they can be
    I feed my Grey pellets, some seed, apples and other non citrus
    fruits, vegetables, pasta, and whatever meat I cooked for
    dinner that night. You can try word substitution for the
    swearing. If your bird says S**T, puposely drop something,
    act angry and say SHOOT! For F**K U, when he says it
    say 'LOVE YOU'. Find similar words to replace the
    inappropriate ones. It does work for some birds, but not all
    will respond to the substitution method. If over time you see
    it isn't working, you may just have to take the above advice
    and ignore it.