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Re: New african grey owner! need answers!!

Posted by Jane on 3/27/10
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    On 3/26/10, Cat wrote:
    > i just adopted a african grey and i was just wondering how
    > long does it normally take a parrot to adjust to
    > everything? shes been with me for 2 days and she hasnt
    > made a sound but today when i opened the cage she came
    > out. should i worry that shes not making noise or talking?
    No you should not be worried. All birds adjust differently
    to being rehomed. A lot of it depends on how old they are,
    how many times they have been rehomed, how they were treated
    there and how they are being treated by you. Some birds
    adjust well, some don't. Some birds who were vocal, become
    very quiet while others who were quiet become vocal. There
    is no way to know until it happens.