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Re: New african grey owner! need answers!!

Posted by GreenLady on 3/27/10
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    On 3/26/10, Cat wrote:
    > i just adopted a african grey and i was just wondering how
    > long does it normally take a parrot to adjust to
    > everything? shes been with me for 2 days and she hasnt
    > made a sound but today when i opened the cage she came
    > out. should i worry that shes not making noise or talking?

    For being with you for only two days, your bird has made
    great progress!
    Of all the parrot species, Greys are probably one of the
    most "unique" of all when it comes to behaviors and
    As has been mentioned, so much of the bird's history/past
    will determine how it responds in it's new environment.
    Have patience with your new companion and don't force it to
    do anything that it is not comfortable doing on it's own for
    the time being.
    Hopefully you are informed as to the variety of foods that
    your bird should have to maintain proper health and nutrition.
    Also, a wellness check at an avian vet to establish a base
    line of information would be a wise choice.
    Good luck with your new companion.