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Re: New african grey owner! need answers!!

Posted by Colleen on 3/30/10
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    On 3/26/10, Cat wrote:
    > i just adopted a african grey and i was just wondering how
    > long does it normally take a parrot to adjust to
    > everything? shes been with me for 2 days and she hasnt
    > made a sound but today when i opened the cage she came
    > out. should i worry that shes not making noise or talking?

    I adopted an African Grey last year and she doesnt make a
    whole lot of soinds, it took her a good week before she made
    any noise. They are so sensitive, and depending on how
    bonded she was with the previous owner she may be very sad,
    not understanding why she is no longer with them. Talk to
    your bird as if she was a small child explain things to
    her, reassure her that she is a good girl etc she'll come