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Re: New african grey owner! need answers!!

Posted by michael on 6/27/10
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    On 3/26/10, Cat wrote:
    > i just adopted a african grey and i was just wondering how
    > long does it normally take a parrot to adjust to
    > everything? shes been with me for 2 days and she hasnt
    > made a sound but today when i opened the cage she came
    > out. should i worry that shes not making noise or talking?
    i wouldnt worry in such a short amount of time give
    her a few more days to relax,, whe i got my breezy a
    timmeh), she was quiet, it took almost aweek, for her to
    get use to things,,,now she;s whistling an also tryin to
    talk, she isnt quit a year old yet,,