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Re: female grey

Posted by GreyLady on 4/06/10
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    It's that time of year and if she is "broody", there is
    little if anything you can do to stop it. You can try
    cutting back on her daylight hours and that might discourage
    her. Dangerous overlaying that endangers health can be
    stopped by an injection from a vet. But other than that,
    just let her run her course. It's vital that you make sure
    she is getting plenty of calcium rich foods, Vitamin D so she
    can absorb the calcium and natural sunlight by providing full
    spectrum lighting. Stay alert for any indication of egg
    binding. That can be fatal, should it happen and go
    unnoticed for too long. So long as she is cracking them
    herself, obviously you don't have to worry about chicks. She
    may be after the protein and calcium in the eggs, meaning it
    is lacking in her diet. If she should lay another and it
    remains intact, just "addle" it and give it back to her. Let
    her tend it as long as she wants, then pitch it after she has
    abandonded it. She doesn't need a male to lay, as you
    probably know. But even if the other is a male and even if
    they may have mated, the eggs are not guaranteed to be
    fertile. Greys are extremely private with their breeding so
    if it's happened, it's unlikely you would have seen it.