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Re: whats the longest time a egg takes to hatch

Posted by GreyLady on 5/04/10
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    On 5/03/10, Mel wrote:
    > My female laid her first clutch 32 days ago(2 eggs). I do
    > not know if there fertile Im assuming there not because the
    > havent hatched but how long do i leave them w/ herbefore i
    > remove them?

    21-28 days is the norm. Unless you know for a fact when she
    laid the last one, it could be rushing it to try to remove
    them just yet. In any case, I would advise leaving them
    alone until she abandons them. So long as they are
    undamaged, (meaning they could grow bacteria) there is no
    harm in allowing her to tend them as long as she wants. To
    take them too soon would be to risk having her try to lay
    more to replace them, further depleting her health and
    calcium reserves. I would not try to take them until I knew
    she had not paid any attention to them for several days. You
    didn't say how old she is but for a first clutch, that is not
    unexpected. If she is too young, they may not be fertile.