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Re: whats the longest time a egg takes to hatch

Posted by Mel on 5/04/10
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    Thank you so much Grey Lady for such a speedy and imformative
    response. Pepper will be 6 yrs this month. Her mate Hawk is 25
    yrs old hes a lazy daddy, maybe because of his age. Pep is
    still very territorial. So I will leave them alone I do worry
    about her health and her food consumtion. which seems to have
    dwendled down. I will keep a close watch I have tried to
    increase the veggies,and vitamins but she wont eat them
    anymore. She only wants her special seed mix although she does
    eat peas corn and carrots from time to time, so if I must take
    her to the Dr I will. Any other information is greatly
    appreciated Than You again