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Re: whats the longest time a egg takes to hatch

Posted by GreyLady on 5/05/10
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    You are welcome. Age shouldn't necessarily be a factor I guess.
    Hard to say if being her first time enters into it. Too bad
    Greys can be such picky eaters. I know, mine is the poster boy
    for picky. You probably already know calcium control can be real
    tricky with Greys. I have found that sometimes it helps to not
    only continue offering different foods but to also eat with
    them. Does she like Almonds? Those are a great source of
    calcium. Have you tried making a large cuttle bone available. I
    know most folks don't think of Greys and cuttle bones in the same
    sentence but it's not like they are so expensive it would hurt to
    try. When I first adopted mine, he devoured one of the large
    ones in about 2 weeks, then has never touched one again. I would
    just say that if you are in doubt, talk to your vet about the
    calcium issues. There is a quick blood test they can do to
    determine levels. Good luck.