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Post: new play toy

Posted by Stan on 5/05/10

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    I have found the toy my CAG likes best in the world! I
    have spent so much money on toys, bells and etc.. and his
    favorite thing is a cardboard box that holds 12 bottles of
    wine/liquor from the liquor store. You remove the
    divider inside. It is strong and has lots of layers that
    he can peel back a little at a time. He gets in the box
    and makes windows to play peek-a-boo with and then over
    the next month just destroys the box into 1/2 inch pieces!

    I got him when he was 3 yrs old and he was naked from
    feather picking. He is 10 now and has most of his
    feathers now but will pluck his chest every now and then.
    The 'miracle box' has stopped his picking entirely! Yea!!!
    Just sharing a cheap toy idea.

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