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Re: Lump Under the Beak (like where the adams apple is on hu

Posted by Carolyn on 5/10/10
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    On 5/09/10, GreyLady wrote:
    > 1. Are you working with a true Avian Vet? If not, you need
    > one even if you have to drive some distance to get there.
    > 2. Did they do a close exam to make sure it's not an injury
    > of some kind, like from rough toy playing? Maybe some
    > infection and/or a small piece of wood or toy part stuck?
    > 3. Does she have full spectrum lighting?
    > 4. Has anything else changed such as her droppings,
    > level, talking, amount she interacts with you and so on?
    In was out of town for over a month when i can back she was
    really wsick. she couldn't walk around her cage she was like a
    cripple. the 6th vet listened to me gave her anti
    inflammitory and antiobiotic. her stools were splatzs. i
    hand fed her for several weeks she apparently had an
    obstriction in her bowels that was forced out with the
    formula and after 2 weeks onv-metacam .05 mg 2 times a day and
    baytril oral susp 20 mg 2 times a day ahe recovered she talks
    now and walks all over the only thing is this red ball in the
    thin part under her beep. no one seemed concerend about the
    small red pea but now it is twice as big no other simptoms. I
    spent alot of money with the vets. Just to be clean my bird
    pearl is a male she had her name for 5 years before she had a
    blood test to determine the sex. full spectrumlighting? she
    has indoor and out door lighting. I give her vit a
    supplement. carolyn