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Re: Lost African Grey Parrot

Posted by Dawn on 7/13/10
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    I found a grey parrot on sunday in NJ. I dont know how far
    your pet could have traveled but I turned him into an avian
    rescue. Feel free to call 973-338-0795 and check his leg
    band number to see if it is yours.

    Good luck!

    On 6/11/10, Dusty wrote:
    > Lost Congo African Grey Parrot, please help, we need him
    > home and knows that he needs to come home, he is very
    > loving and scared of the outside world. Flew away May 14,
    > 2010, please help, heartbroken- he is grey with white face
    > and bright red tail about the size of a pigeon. His name
    > is Dusty and he loves to sing and dance and talk quite a
    > bit. Any help is appreciated, email me, thanks.