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Post: New 8 year old African Grey

Posted by Michell Lathrop on 9/27/10

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    Hi, I was given an 8 year old African Grey. She lived with
    her first home 7 1/2 years and her second home for 6 month.
    She is very unhappy. I have had her for 2 days. I know this
    is normal for her, what should I do to make her transition
    easier? They told me she does not eat any bird food what so
    ever just what ever they ate for dinner she at too. Right
    now she does not want to be taken out of her cage and she
    will bite if you try. If I put a towel over my arm or have
    long sleeves on I can get her out with the bite not hurting
    too bad. Once she is out she is OK, but very jumpy. Any
    advise would be great I want her to be a happy healthy
    bird. One other thing I did notice one side of her beak
    seems to have a thin over growth what causes that and what
    should I do? I was also told that her first home hand fed
    her until she was 3 years old. Thank you for any
    suggestions, Michell

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