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Post: For Michell, re: African Grey

Posted by Green Lady on 9/27/10

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    I was unable to respond to your post directly so I had to
    start a new topic in order to answer you.

    I don't know if you have any bird experience or not prior
    to getting your Grey, but if you are not familiar with this
    species, you will find/know that they can be very shy and
    skittish with any changes in their known routine.

    I know that you are probably wanting to interact with this
    bird immediately as you have already stated, but my advice
    would be to give this bird some time to accustom itself to
    it's new environment and gain some trust in you.

    Don't try getting the bird out of the cage at this point in
    time, but talk to him in comforting and soothing tones of
    voice through the bars. Let him learn that you are not a
    threat to him, but a friend. Forcing him out of the cage
    will only delay the bird trusting you and may cause more
    harm than good.

    As far as diet goes, introduce new foods to the bird daily
    that would be more appropriate for a bird. Fresh
    vegetables, some almonds or walnuts, fruits, greens and
    even a homemade bird bread should be part of his new food
    list. Of course you don't want the bird to go on a hunger
    strike so you will have to watch that he is eating or at
    least trying the new foods. If not, give him what he is
    used to but in smaller amounts and add the new foods with
    Pellets and a quality seed mix sprinkled over the top of
    the foods will help him possibly try eating the unfamiliar
    foods. There really isn't any specific solution to getting
    birds to try new foods other than be persistent and offer
    them daily even if you think he is wasting them.
    Eventually, almost all birds will learn to accept new,
    healthier foods.

    That's probably enough to absorb for now and I do wish you
    well with your new companion. In the scheme of things, a 7
    year old Grey is very young and will be around for a long
    time, so don't despair if progress is slow.

    Hi, I was given an 8 year old African Grey. She lived with
    her first home 7 1/2 years and her second home for 6 month.
    She is very unhappy. I have had her for 2 days. I know this
    is normal for her, what should I do to make her transition
    easier? They told me she does not eat any bird food what so
    ever just what ever they ate for dinner she at too. Right
    now she does not want to be taken out of her cage and she
    will bite if you try. If I put a towel over my arm or have
    long sleeves on I can get her out with the bite not hurting
    too bad. Once she is out she is OK, but very jumpy. Any
    advise would be great I want her to be a happy healthy
    bird. One other thing I did notice one side of her beak
    seems to have a thin over growth what causes that and what
    should I do? I was also told that her first home hand fed
    her until she was 3 years old. Thank you for any
    suggestions, Michell

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