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Re: Finally Captured

Posted by Randy on 2/10/11
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    On 2/09/11, Too Funny wrote:
    > On 2/08/11, Randy wrote:
    >> I'm pleased to announce that Greylady has finally been
    >> captured by Animal Control. She recently escaped from her
    >> enclosure but has now been returned. The latest is that
    >> she's back on her normal diet of fruits and veggies and
    >> parrot mix. The ruling of the official platform is that
    >> dhe's not eligible for breeding purposes because of her
    >> typical nasty reactions to male birds and also male
    >> handlers.
    > You know her so well.

    Well, she would've gone completely unnoticed but fortunately,
    she was spotted at a local zoo conversing with one of the
    chimps through the glass enclosure. Even with the glass there,
    the chimp got extremely disturbed and fearful because of
    certain areas she was pointing at on the chimp. It seems that
    she was trying to demean his johnson. He checked himself out
    and than he yelled and the handlers arrived and calmed the
    chimp down. The chimp has gotten through the trauma and is
    back to normal.