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Re: Finally Captured

Posted by Randy on 2/12/11
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    On 2/11/11, Too Funny wrote:
    >> Well, she would've gone completely unnoticed but fortunately,
    >> she was spotted at a local zoo conversing with one of the
    >> chimps through the glass enclosure. Even with the glass there,
    >> the chimp got extremely disturbed and fearful because of
    >> certain areas she was pointing at on the chimp. It seems that
    >> she was trying to demean his johnson. He checked himself out
    >> and than he yelled and the handlers arrived and calmed the
    >> chimp down. The chimp has gotten through the trauma and is
    >> back to normal.
    > That's because she has "johnson envy." Poor chimp.

    That's because she has "johnson envy."
    Heavy, heavy duty.

    If it's too short on the chimp, she demeans and insults the owner
    of it.
    If it's too long, she acts aggressively and tries to bite it off
    in order to make it the same size as the other chimp.
    Not to worry though. She's now in a parrot santuary where the all
    male parrots don't have anything showing