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Re: Red Palm Oil

Posted by David on 2/23/11
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    On 2/14/11, Mickie wrote:
    > Hi,
    > My grey Kendi, had been plucking badly, but only around
    > neck. I have been mixing Red Palm Oil with his fresh
    > foods, sometime ago I realized his neck was totally
    > covered with new feathers and his tail had a lot of new
    > feathers sprouting, he also stopped plucking suddenly. I
    > was beside myself with joy and atributed the change in
    > behavior to the Palm oi. My question is how much palm oil
    > is too much. I don't want to over do it. Thanks.
    > Mickie

    Well, you're putting it on the right food. melted down to an
    oily texture is even better cause it really covers all food.
    If your bird eats it straight, great. The oil provides VIT A
    and VIT E. Both are important for the bird's health, skin
    and feathers. It's possible that your bird had a bad molt or
    he's what is called an *acute plucker* which means that
    he'll eventually stop. A *chronic plucker* is a bird that
    will never stop no matter what you feed.
    Give the oil on a regular basis. Don't stop even if his
    feathers become great. From now on, make it a permanent part
    of his diet.