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Posted by linda on 3/17/11
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    thank you for your opinion!

    On 3/17/11, David Von Poppe wrote:
    > On 3/14/11, LINDA wrote:
    >> I would like to add an african grey to my flock. I have
    >> been looking and there are a few people selling greys that
    >> they could no longer care for. The price is alot less
    >> expensive then a baby. Can anyone give me their opinion if
    >> I should gto for a older bird or stay with a baby. I have
    >> about six months of experience with my timneh and severe
    > It takes at least 2 yrs for a person to go thru the grey's
    > different stages of personality. Those stages are very
    > different with each one. As the bird ages, the personality
    > shows up more and many people who have greys that have
    > changed are disappointed when they see their cuddly little
    > bird turn into an aloof, independent bird who doesn't want
    > as much contact as before.
    > So, if you've gone thru all of these stages (your timneh
    > being an adult now)then you can think about a pre owned bird
    > but you should realize that the pre owned bird has already
    > developed permanent traits which can't be changed. All pre
    > owned adults need homes but shouldn't be put into a home and
    > eventually sent to another home because of disappointment by
    > the current owner.So, it's up to you.