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Post: Plucking breeding season and first molt

Posted by Michele on 4/01/11

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    I have an 8 month old female African grey her name is
    Scarlett she has been seen by an avian vet probably 8 times
    because I don't know what to do I'm home all day ever day I
    had to go to the doctor's a few days in arrow I have cages
    in my back on the third day Scarlett had looked at me and
    plucked a feather on the days I was gone for roughly no
    longer than 2 hours at a time so I looked under her right
    wing and she was missing feathers so I took her to the vet
    he said it was her being mad at me along with molting and
    being in heat he gave her herb drops for anxiety relief 2
    days later we were back at the avian vet because she
    started on the left side so they put a collar on her and
    after the ride home she was a mess so I held her for almost
    2 hours I put her down to go to the bathroom and get a
    drink within 20 mins she destroyed the collar the gave me
    some kind of medicine to put on it so it would tasted bad
    that didn't stop her now I have some solution aloe spray
    that she doesn't like trust me she does everything with
    shower dishes etc I hav made a new appt with another avian
    vet but can't get us in til Tuesday I'm losing my mind
    trying to help her pleas if anyone has anything please help
    she eats drinks and plays but have of her feathers are gone
    Sincerely Michele and Scarlet

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