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Re: feather clipping

Posted by cheesynquackers on 8/03/11
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    Hi, I understand not wanting to stress your bird now that he
    is coming around. If the trip to the vet is not far, I would
    go. Just think how much more he will like you when you
    'rescue' him from the mean person clipping him. He will be so
    happy to get home.
    I recently adopted a lory that completely freaked out when I
    put her in the car for her vet visit. I really think she
    thought I was getting rid of her. She bit the vet and caused
    all sorts of havoc. But as soon as she saw home, she was
    double loving and sweet again.
    Good luck

    On 8/03/11, Robert YODER wrote:
    > my african grey is about 6 yrs old, ive only had him a few
    > months, he has really come around where i can acctually
    > pick him up, his claws are really long and sharp, and i
    > dont think his wings have ever been clipped. is it ok to
    > have his wings clipped and nails clipped, as well as his
    > beak from my vet? i just dont want to stress the bird out,
    > but would like to take him out doors occasionally hoping he
    > dont fly away