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Re: Timneh

Posted by Allor on 10/14/11
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    On 8/12/11, Cynthia wrote:
    > We just got an Timneh and she has a open band on her leg.
    > We were told she is between 10/17 yrs. old. Does anyone
    > know what year African Greys were banned from import to
    > the USA? Thanks!

    trade for all exotic birds and exotic animals was banned
    around the early 1990's, I believe it was banned around 1992
    though. It's 2011 now so that bird you got may be illegal, I
    suggest you go to your local government and ask them what to
    do. Certain states have different laws, for instance, I need
    to have a permit to own a bird because I live in NJ.