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Re: Timneh

Posted by Randy on 10/16/11
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    On 10/14/11, Allor wrote:
    > On 8/12/11, Cynthia wrote:
    >> We just got an Timneh and she has a open band on her leg.
    >> We were told she is between 10/17 yrs. old. Does anyone
    >> know what year African Greys were banned from import to
    >> the USA? Thanks!
    > trade for all exotic birds and exotic animals was banned
    > around the early 1990's, I believe it was banned around 1992
    > though. It's 2011 now so that bird you got may be illegal, I
    > suggest you go to your local government and ask them what to
    > do. Certain states have different laws, for instance, I need
    > to have a permit to own a bird because I live in NJ.

    If your bird is now at the maximum age of 17 yrs old, that
    means it was born in 1994. The ban went into effect in 1992 so
    only it's parents may have been illegally imported. Your bird
    was born in the US. Not to worry.