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Re: Timneh

Posted by Joyce on 11/07/11
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    On 10/17/11, GreyLady wrote:
    > On 10/16/11, Randy wrote:
    >> On 10/14/11, Allor wrote:
    >>> On 8/12/11, Cynthia wrote:
    >>>> We just got an Timneh and she has a open band on her leg.
    >>>> We were told she is between 10/17 yrs. old. Does anyone
    >>>> know what year African Greys were banned from import to
    >>>> the USA? Thanks!
    >>> trade for all exotic birds and exotic animals was banned
    >>> around the early 1990's, I believe it was banned around 1992
    >>> though. It's 2011 now so that bird you got may be illegal, I
    >>> suggest you go to your local government and ask them what to
    >>> do. Certain states have different laws, for instance, I need
    >>> to have a permit to own a bird because I live in NJ.
    >> If your bird is now at the maximum age of 17 yrs old, that
    >> means it was born in 1994. The ban went into effect in 1992 so
    >> only it's parents may have been illegally imported. Your bird
    >> was born in the US. Not to worry.
    > I see you posted this back in Aug. I hope you are still checking
    > for replies. I would certainly not go running to any govt.
    > official. Very bad advice. True, an open band means nothing.
    > There is no way anyone other than the person who applied it knows
    > why or what, if anything, it means. Even if the bird was somehow
    > smuggled in, it's all water under the bridge now. The
    > explanation could be as simple as she passed through a shelter or
    > rescue at one time and they applied the band, for their own
    > purposes of identification and record keeping. She's your bird
    > and whatever went on is no fault of hers or yours. If it were
    > me, I would have my vet remove it. Since it means nothing there
    > is no reason for her to wear it. Even if you feel it might be of
    > value in locating her if she is ever lost, it doesn't matter as
    > it's easily removed by anyone who wants to keep her. If there is
    > even a small chance of her ever escaping, I'd have her
    > microchipped.

    The band you are referring to is called a roller band and many
    people still use them today. so do not be alarmed about the band. It
    is just a open roller band. It should tell you some information
    about the breeder. You can check out roller bands on L&M leg bands.