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Re: 3 Year Old Congo African Grey

Posted by Raoof Patel on 10/12/11
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    On 8/25/11, wi wrote:
    > We have a 3 year old Congo African Grey parrot looking for
    > a nice quiet home. He is what we think a breeder and does
    > not like humans, meaning he is scared of them. We got him
    > about 1 month ago under the impression he is just scared
    > and will come around, he did let me pet him and hand feed
    > him until i opend the cage door and he got scared and now
    > he hates me. We do not know why he is the way he is, but
    > we where told hes was next to a Macaw that bullied him. We
    > have a tame Parrot next to him and he is just fine. He
    > talkes alot, dances and whistles tunes. We dont want to
    > give him up, but he needs some one that knows how to tame
    > him or uses him as a breeder. So if your interested in a
    > trade for a talketive tame African grey or a tame Amazon
    > pet let me know. He is closed banded and in good feathers,
    > his wings where cliped from pervious owners. So if your
    > interested in a trade let me know,willing to meet about 1
    > hour from my home and will not ship or deliver.

    I love parrots, and like to see your parrot. I am pretty
    much sure, that your parrot will love my company....