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Post: 3 Year Old Congo African Grey

Posted by wi on 8/25/11

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    We have a 3 year old Congo African Grey parrot looking for
    a nice quiet home. He is what we think a breeder and does
    not like humans, meaning he is scared of them. We got him
    about 1 month ago under the impression he is just scared
    and will come around, he did let me pet him and hand feed
    him until i opend the cage door and he got scared and now
    he hates me. We do not know why he is the way he is, but
    we where told hes was next to a Macaw that bullied him. We
    have a tame Parrot next to him and he is just fine. He
    talkes alot, dances and whistles tunes. We dont want to
    give him up, but he needs some one that knows how to tame
    him or uses him as a breeder. So if your interested in a
    trade for a talketive tame African grey or a tame Amazon
    pet let me know. He is closed banded and in good feathers,
    his wings where cliped from pervious owners. So if your
    interested in a trade let me know,willing to meet about 1
    hour from my home and will not ship or deliver.

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