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Post: Lost Parrot!

Posted by Valerie on 9/04/11

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    LOST: My African Gray Parrot, Casey, escaped 9/3/11 in the
    Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania/Rt 715 area, near Effort-Neola
    Rd. He is very friendly. He loves to whistle & make beeping
    noises. He says Hello, Come Here, & Hurry Up most frequently
    (if you hear this coming from a tree!). He loves grapes,
    peanuts, cashews, almonds, corn, apple slices, & ice pops
    (good bribes!). He is grey with a red tail. If you have any
    info (anything, a sighting, or if you catch him!!) Call
    Valerie at 570 620 7208. Also please note, he is very scared
    of pet carriers, please secure him before he even SEES one
    if you are trying to put him in one. The local vets,
    shelters and pet stores have also been notified, if you
    contact them, they will know how to get in touch with me.

    please email me at for pictures!

    Valerie Wierzbicki

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