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Post: looking for African Grey in Ne Ohio

Posted by Amber Rhodes on 11/05/11

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    Looking for an African Grey to adopt in the NE Ohio area-
    $250-300 max (I know a lot about
    rescues/fostering/adopting when it comes to many animals
    so don't waste my time by saying your adopting it out or
    rehoming for $600+) We currently have an african grey
    rescue that is around 24 years old and we're simply
    looking to get it a "friend" and to add to our family.
    -Won't be left alone
    -Will get lots of attention and love
    -Will get plenty of fresh fruits, veggies, etc.
    -Don't want an aggresive parrot!
    -Please E-mail if you have a possible
    match for us.

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