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Re: Grey shakes his head

Posted by Randy on 11/26/11
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    On 11/24/11, Penny wrote:
    > I took in an 10 y/o CAG about 2 mos. ago. He was not
    > socialized and hse shakes his head a lot when I have him
    > sitting on my finger, like a puff, shake. Sometimes, just
    > a shake of the head without the puff, just that constant
    > twiching shake. What the heck is that?? It is like he is
    > trying to get rid of flies or something.
    > Any ideas?

    That may be a habit that he has from the past or it may be a
    sinus infection or he may have something in his ears that
    needs to be removed like wax that people build up. In any
    case, go to the vet, explain and let the vet check out those