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Re: 4 yr old Female African Grey Parrot

Posted by valerie simmons on 1/29/12
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    On 1/21/12, Vicki wrote:
    > On 11/27/11, U pick up... wrote:
    >> Selling a 4 year old female African Grey Parrot w/cage that
    >> is VERY talkative! Learns fast! Elderly owner ill and can
    >> not take proper care of Samantha any longer. Originally paid
    >> $600 for parrot and $250 for large fancy cage (approx size
    >> 6'x4'x4'). Will except Cash only... and need to set time for
    >> secure pick up. Many sites on Google to verify info on these
    >> wonderful birds as pets, their value and life expectancy....
    >> (they will out live us! haha) Just in time... A GREAT
    >> CHRISTMAS GIFT! Can email U pictures...
    > Has this sold?