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Re: 4 yr old Female African Grey Parrot w/cage

Posted by Paul on 11/28/11
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    Selling a 4 year old female African Grey Parrot w/cage that
    is VERY talkative! Learns fast! Elderly owner ill and can
    not take proper care of Samantha any longer. Originally
    paid $600 for parrot and $250 for large fancy cage (approx size
    6'x4'x4'). Will except Cash only... and need to set time
    for secure pick up. Many sites on Google to verify info on
    these wonderful birds as pets, their value and life expectancy....
    (they will out live us! haha) Just in time... A GREAT CHRISTMAS
    GIFT! Can email U pictures..

    The Bird is Located In Punta Gorda Fl. where you need to pick it
    up. The asking price at this time is $650~which includes the large
    fancy cage! It is not aggressive, but does need to be
    return, u will hav many yrs of love in return!