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Re: Friendly African Grey w/Large Cage For Sale

Posted by JodieB on 12/02/11
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    I forgot to mention that we are in Charleston, WV.

    On 12/02/11, JodieB wrote:
    > We need to find a new home for a very friendly African Grey
    > Timnah parrot. African Grey's are considered the smartest
    > of all the parrots and tend to have larger vocabularies than
    > most.
    > He (has not actually beed sexed) is 4 years old and his name
    > is Jacquamo Casanova, because he is a lover not a biter. He
    > was born in Maryland and we have had him since he was a
    > newly fledged chick. He was hand fed as a bady and is used
    > to being around dogs and cats. He will defend himself if a
    > dog or cat gets too curious but does not bite people unless
    > of course he gets really startled. Even when he has bitten
    > me he never breaks the skin. It is more like a warning than
    > like he really means it.
    > He has some words and phrases and a large vocabulary of
    > sounds including meows, wolf whistles, and the sound of a
    > door opening and closing. He also likes to mimic the
    > buttons on our microwave for some reason.
    > Jacque has several toys, including a couple brand new ones,
    > some food and a large beautiful cage. The cage alone is
    > worth $780. I have included links to a couple pics of the
    > bird and one that shows what the cage looks like.
    > You can get full specs on the cage here:
    > $600 OBO
    > Will not ship, you must pick him up but we are willing to
    > discuss meeting you somewhere