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Re: Friendly African Grey w/Large Cage For Sale/ Bibi

Posted by GreyLady on 12/14/11
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    On 12/14/11, Bibi wrote:
    > I lost my African Grey on the 8th. Did you find it? Let me know
    PLEASE we are
    > distraught without her!
    > On 12/10/11, GreyLady wrote:
    >> If the bird picture at the bottom of your post is your bird,
    >> then it's not a Timneh. If it's just some kind of ad the
    >> board added, then ignore. Just didn't want folks to be
    >> confused about a Red Tail (CAG) vs the Timneh.

    Bibi, I don't know if you are asking me or who. But if you have
    lost your Grey, you need to post in the proper area. Having it
    buried here in a for sale ad will not get you much exposure. You
    should also let everyone know where you are located/where the
    bird was lost from/etc. Make sure you put up flyers everywhere,
    notify all vets offices, shelters, pet stores, anywhere the bird
    could end up if someone finds it and tries to sell it. And you
    must offer a reward to have much hope at all of it being
    returned. Unfortunately, only the most honest folks will try to
    get it home to you when there is nothing in it for them. Good