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Re: African Grey Parrot

Posted by Antoinette on 1/30/12
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    On 12/26/11, What? wrote:
    > On 12/23/11, matida wrote:
    >> Our African Grey Parrot turned 1 year old August 9th. She is
    >> a sweet, loving bird. We just had a baby and no longer have
    >> time to spend with Chiku. Her cage, toys and food are all
    >> included. Her cage is 32" x 22" x 48". With the stand, it's
    >> 70" tall. All included $1300 obo.
    > You didn't know less than a year ago you were planning to
    > have a child? What a damned shame so many parrots end up
    > with irresponsible, lazy people like you. You probably had
    > no idea how much time a parrot requires in the first place.
    > Now you are ready to just get rid of it because it no longer
    > fits your grand plan? You make me sick. Shame Shame Shame.

    How can you possibly say shes not responsible???!!! Things happen in the grand
    scheme of life. Things change. How dare you talk to her like that! Shame Shame on