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Re: African Grey Parrot SCAMMER?

Posted by slm on 2/27/12
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    On 2/26/12, WTF!! wrote:
    > On 2/25/12, Matida wrote:
    >> On 1/12/12, Matida wrote:
    >>> Our African Grey Parrot turned 1 year old August 9th. She
    >> is
    >>> a sweet, loving bird. We just had a baby and no longer have
    >>> time to spend with Chiku. Her cage, toys and food are all
    >>> included. Her cage is 32" x 22" x 48". With the stand, it's
    >>> 70" tall. All included $600 obo.
    >> The grey has been sold. I'll have another 1 in one month.
    >> Bidding starts in 2 weeks.
    > You supposedly had to get rid of one because of a baby, yet
    > you are going to have another to be "bid on". What kind of
    > scammer are you anyway? People like you need to be put away.

    This is the same woman who told me that they had now moved and
    weren't local (where they has placed the ad). So she would
    require name, address, paymnet in advance, etc.