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Re: Congo African Grey Breeders WITH EGG Complete Set-up

Posted by lee on 3/11/12
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    On 3/09/12, helen wrote:
    > hi,
    > is the pair still available?
    > thanks
    > On 2/27/12, Auburn, Maine wrote:
    >> Congo African Grey breeders sitting on one fertile egg
    >> laid February 11th. Complete set up. Not pets. Not in the
    >> greatest feathers, especially hen, but they are not
    >> pluckers. I feed them Zupreem fruity blend pellets, fresh
    >> fruit, veggies, nuts, sometimes include hard-boiled egg,
    >> and occasionally they get treats of seed and birdie bread.
    >> Day one babies must be handfed and placed in brooder.
    >> Included is cage, nest, Brinsea brooder, candler, formula,
    >> and breeding supplies. Manzanita tree also included. Must
    >> be experienced breeder to handfeed day one babies. No
    >> shipping. $1,200 firm including fertile egg. This is a
    >> steal for quick sale. See link for pics:
    >> cid=d832795809df1b58#cid=D832795809DF1B58&id=D832795809DF1B
    >> 58&37;21217