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Re: African Grey- adult male

Posted by Wise One on 3/03/12
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    On 3/02/12, Drea wrote:
    > We have a 24 yr old male African Grey that is in need of a
    > home. He does speak around 450+ different words, and we do
    > have a list of his sayings that we can give you. We acquired
    > him from his previous owner who was concerned about his
    > plucking, it has become a habit for him and we have not been
    > able to stop the learned habit. He does have an issue with
    > biting at times and because of this and his plucking we
    > would prefer him to go to someone who is knowledgeable in
    > handling these guys.
    > We are asking $1000.00 for the parrot, his cage and all
    > accessories and food we have for him.

    You took this bird with the idea that you were going to be the
    "one" to make him whole again. You have failed miserably, so
    now this old guy gets passed on AGAIN!
    Can't you live with a less-than-perfect bird? I'm sure you have
    your shortcomings if we asked the bird.
    And $1000 for a 24 yer old bird? Are you nuts?
    Do the right thing and send him to a rescue such as the Gabriel
    Foundation where he can live out his life in peace and