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Re: African Grey- adult male

Posted by Wise One on 3/07/12
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    On 3/04/12, Drea wrote:
    > On 3/03/12, Wise One wrote:
    >> On 3/02/12, Drea wrote:
    >>> We have a 24 yr old male African Grey that is in need of a
    >>> home. He does speak around 450+ different words, and we do
    >>> have a list of his sayings that we can give you. We acquired
    >>> him from his previous owner who was concerned about his
    >>> plucking, it has become a habit for him and we have not been
    >>> able to stop the learned habit. He does have an issue with
    >>> biting at times and because of this and his plucking we
    >>> would prefer him to go to someone who is knowledgeable in
    >>> handling these guys.
    >>> We are asking $1000.00 for the parrot, his cage and all
    >>> accessories and food we have for him.
    >> You took this bird with the idea that you were going to be
    >> "one" to make him whole again. You have failed miserably, so
    >> now this old guy gets passed on AGAIN!
    >> Can't you live with a less-than-perfect bird? I'm sure you
    >> your shortcomings if we asked the bird.
    >> And $1000 for a 24 yer old bird? Are you nuts?
    >> Do the right thing and send him to a rescue such as the
    >> Foundation where he can live out his life in peace and
    >> "imperfection."
    > Oh heaven forbid should we try to find him an owner who is more
    > knowledgeable with birds. The horrors of doing such a thing!
    > could we possibly be so horrible trying to find someone with
    > experience dealing with a chronic plucker and biter!? Oh no! We
    > don't want him going to someone who doesn't know what they are
    > doing??? WHAT!? How could we possibly limit the people we are
    > willing to let him go to?!
    > I'm sure we can find many shortcomings for you as well...

    I just wanna apologise for my remarks. Yes I have shortcomings.
    I was drinking and my family was giving me a hard time. I know
    you wanna do good for your bird. I only wish I had the money to
    take him so you'd feel better. Sometimes I say things before
    thinking. I'll ask my friends if they're interested. I wish you
    the best of luck with your bird.