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Re: African Grey- adult male

Posted by Wisest One speaks to Real Wise One on 3/08/12
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    On 3/08/12, The real Wise One wrote:
    > On 3/07/12, Wise One wrote:
    > I just wanna apologise for my remarks. Yes I have shortcomings.
    > I was drinking and my family was giving me a hard time. I know
    > you wanna do good for your bird. I only wish I had the money to
    > take him so you'd feel better. Sometimes I say things before
    > thinking. I'll ask my friends if they're interested. I wish you
    > the best of luck with your bird.
    > I don't know who posted this crap, but I am the original Wise One
    > I stand by what I said.
    > You failed miserably and I think there is no excuse for that!
    You are reaching that special plateau. Karma surrounds you. The aura
    of the Wisest Members is deciding on your special blessings. Buddha
    hath decreed that your exterior shell is next to your interior
    shell. It shall be known that you showed genuine kindness when you
    apologised for your temporary lapse in judgement. The Wisest Members
    were impressed. Your journey towards the outer reaches of infinity
    is nearing.
    Your stars are glowing. Alakaboom Madumba