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Post: H2O talker African Grey Parrots for new homes

Posted by Naomi on 3/06/12

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    We have a 22 yr old female African Grey that is in need of a
    home and three other grey babies ready to meet their new
    homes . She does speak around 450+ different words, and we
    do have a list of her sayings that we can give you. We
    acquired her from her previous owner who was concerned about
    his plucking, it has become a habit for her and we have not
    been able to stop the learned habit. She does have an issue
    with biting at times and because of this and her plucking we
    would prefer her to go to someone who is knowledgeable in
    handling these guys. We are asking $750.00 for the parrot,
    her cage and all accessories and food menu we have for
    her.We are asking $500 for the up-springs which are ready to
    be shipped as well .
    You took this birds with the idea that you were going to be
    the"one" to make them whole again. You have failed
    miserably, so now this old guys gets passed on AGAIN! Can't
    you live with a less-than-perfect birds? I'm sure you have
    your shortcomings if we asked the birds. And $750 for a 22
    year old bird? Are you nuts?
    Do the right thing and send her to a rescue such as the
    Gabriel Foundation where she can live out her life in peace
    and "imperfection."
    Oh heaven forbid should we try to find her an owner who is
    more knowledgeable with birds. The horrors of doing such a
    thing! How could we possibly be so horrible trying to find
    someone with
    experience dealing with a chronic plucker and biter!? Oh no!
    We don't want them going to someone who doesn't know what
    they are doing??? WHAT!? How could we possibly limit the
    people we are
    willing to let them go to?!
    I'm sure we can find many shortcomings for you as well...

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