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    Post: Congo African Grey Parrots for Bird Lovers


    Posted on 7/11/16
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    Hand-reared African Grey Parrots available now. All my
    parrots are hand-reared from 3wks old and are cuddly-tame
    and used to being around small children and busy household.
    We hand-rear all our baby Greys in small clutches so that
    each one gets lots of human attention at a very early age
    to ensure that the parrots are completely tame and easy to
    handle so they can have a wonderful life with their new mum
    & dad. All parrots are weaned on seed mix and fresh fruit
    and veg. I only let my them go to their new homes when they
    are able to eat and drink independently and am sure that
    they are ready for the big move.Email right away if

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