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Re: new cage

Posted by KarenH on 12/19/05
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    On 12/19/05, Sandy S wrote:
    > I am going to be purchasing a new cage for my two little
    > guys (masked lovebirds). I was wondering if a 18x18x60
    > cage would be big enough for them. It has a play area on
    > top with a feeding area, birdie bath and a perch.
    > Thanks,
    > Sandy

    Get it. They're going to love that cage! Room for lots and
    lots of toys. In tall cages I like to hang one strand of
    plastic chain from the top to a few inches from touching the
    grate at the bottom. I have a TAG that hangs upsidedown by one
    foot and swings himself on that chain. It's too funny.


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