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Re: new mates

Posted by Michael L on 12/21/05
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    On 12/21/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 12/21/05, tim wrote:
    >> I recently bought a few new pairs and two pairs turned out
    >> to be same sexed.So now i have two lutino pf males and two
    >> fischer hens witch i separated after they laid 22 eggs in
    >> one clutch after about the 11th egg i knew something was
    >> wrong!Anyway i would like to know if you guys have any
    >> pairing suggestions for the lutinos for color combo babies?
    >> Also my fischers are both normal coloring would it be ok to
    >> pair with blue,white or yellow is one these colors more
    >> dominate than another? Never kept any eye rings before.
    >> But they are absolutely awesome!I just recently found this
    >> site and have been reading,reading and more reading you
    >> guys and girls really know your lovies and i also love all
    >> the pics there greatThank you Tim

    Assuming you are certain they are males, you could pair these
    birds with any green series bird that you might like. If you
    want to know the sex of the babies without having to guess, an
    Australian Cinnamon hen would be ideal. If either male carries
    the AC gene in addition to the Lutino, you would have
    splitcinnamoninos. Combined with an AC hen you would know the
    offspring by their mutation. Males would be splitcinnamoninos
    and females would be Lutino.
    You really don't know what your males are split to unless you
    breed them.
    Blue series birds are another possible combination too, again
    based upon what the males might be split to.

    Michael L