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Re: new mates

Posted by tim on 12/21/05
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    On 12/21/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 12/21/05, tim wrote:
    >> I recently bought a few new pairs and two pairs turned out
    >> to be same sexed.So now i have two lutino pf males and two
    >> fischer hens witch i separated after they laid 22 eggs in
    >> one clutch after about the 11th egg i knew something was
    >> wrong!Anyway i would like to know if you guys have any
    >> pairing suggestions for the lutinos for color combo babies?
    >> Also my fischers are both normal coloring would it be ok to
    >> pair with blue,white or yellow is one these colors more
    >> dominate than another? Never kept any eye rings before.
    >> But they are absolutely awesome!I just recently found this
    >> site and have been reading,reading and more reading you
    >> guys and girls really know your lovies and i also love all
    >> the pics there greatThank you Tim
    > Welcome, Tim.
    > Can't help you with the Fischers, but maybe the Peachfaced.
    > How do you know the two Lutinos are males? Did you have
    > actual DNA done?
    > Michael L
    Thanks for the welcome and yes my vet sexed them and the
    fischers. The lutinos are 2 years old and they were paired up
    at one the woman i bought them from told me they were ss when
    she bought them. My vet says that wasnt so as it leaves a mark
    under the wing that was not present.I guess now i know why she
    wanted to get rid of them she said they wouldn't breed for her.
    Oh well i think they are beautiful any suggestions would be
    appreciated.Thanks Tim