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Re: new mates

Posted by Michael L on 12/21/05
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    On 12/21/05, tim wrote:

    > Thanks for the welcome and yes my vet sexed them and the
    > fischers. The lutinos are 2 years old and they were paired up
    > at one the woman i bought them from told me they were ss when
    > she bought them. My vet says that wasnt so as it leaves a mark
    > under the wing that was not present.I guess now i know why she
    > wanted to get rid of them she said they wouldn't breed for her.
    > Oh well i think they are beautiful any suggestions would be
    > appreciated.Thanks Tim

    I didn't bring up the subject of surgical sexing as most don't do
    that with their lovebirds. I do as it is less expensive than
    DNA, but I am only able to have it done when Scott McDonald is in
    my area.
    The "mark" that you are referring to is not from the actual
    surgical sexing. When the sexing is done, whomever does it uses
    a syringe/needle with tattoo ink. If it is male, the mark is put
    under the bird's right wing, and if female, the left wing.
    Surgical sexing is really helpful if the breeder doesn't band the
    bird and it has no other form of identifying mark.

    Michael L