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Post: Anyone looking for a lovebird?

Posted by Alyssa on 12/21/05

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    I have a lovebird who is about 2 years old, and i can't
    keep him anymore. i can't control him and i do not have the
    time to train him. he used to be such a sweety when he was
    younger... we used to watch tv together and he always used
    to sit on my shoulder. but as he got older, he became
    somewhat of a brat, and i do not have the time needed to
    spend with him to teach him to be friendly again.

    i bought him because i saw that he was being kept in
    horrible conditions as a baby. the breeders were smokers
    and the cages were never cleaned, so i bought him and hoped
    to give him the best life possible. however, i feel that he
    could have a better life somewhere else, possibly with
    another lovebird companion or with a person who is willing
    to work with him.

    he's a beautiful bird - he's got a vibrant yellow body with
    a few white flight feathers and an adorable reddish/peach
    colored face.

    he's never had a health problem. he's somewhat vocal - he
    chirps and sings when he is happy.

    i'll sell him for 50 dollars - 10 dollars less than what i
    got him for. selling price is somewhat negotiable.

    i am located near cleveland, ohio. if anyone is interested,
    PLEASE email me at or reply to this


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