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Re: Silver lovebird

Posted by tim on 12/21/05
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    On 12/21/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 12/21/05, tim wrote:
    >> Another question for the experts.I recently bought quite a
    >> few breeding pairs of peachfaced lovebirds.One of my pairs
    >> is a wf violet cock x silver wf hen im curious as to what
    >> the offspring will be but when i try to load the genetics
    >> calculator there is no silver what should i enter?
    >> Thanks again Tim
    >> p.s.sorry you guys lovebirds are a little new and the
    >> genetics seem endless. I do parrotlets much easier and
    >> dimorphic.LOL
    > Tim,
    > Please don't ever use the word "expert" here or on any other
    > board. We have a resident hag that gets her panties in a
    > twist if anyone ever utters the word "expert." LOL
    > The one thing about lovebird mutations that differs from most
    > other species of birds is that mutation names are not used
    > uniformly throughout the world. I mention this because
    > Silver is one of the terms that is interchangable with
    > American White or Edged Dilute.
    > Are you able to post photos of these birds? It sometimes
    > helps to see the actual bird and color it represents.
    > Michael L
    Sorry about the expert comment ill try not to let it happen
    again. LOL I will be able to post pictures (PROUDLY) after
    christmas im not suppose to know that though LOL.
    My mother has bought me a digital camera for christmas.
    (but i dont know that haha My brother couldnt keep his mouth
    shut.Cant wait to show off