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Re: pied cock

Posted by Tim on 1/06/06
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    On 1/05/06, KarenH wrote:
    > It looks as if you have several orange faced mutations. They
    > are beautiful. OF is one of my favorite mutations. It's so
    > hard to pick just one.
    > Karen

    I do,the one in the picture and his mate should start hatching
    today as a matter of fact.He has a whiteface seagreen hen.
    That should be interesting.What i dont know is what(if anything)
    they are split to ? Just yesterday another pair (pied hen x
    normal cock hatched a lutino baby so the normal is definetly
    split to lutino. This is very exciting i also am very anxious
    to see what my aust cinn hen throws she starts hatching today
    also but she too is paired with a normal? Possible split?
    This is Way too much fun!!Started hand feeding the first babies
    yesterday i'm going to be very busy for a while.
    Karen please keep us posted on your babies progress thank you
    Tim Gotta GO Feeding Time!!!