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Re: Slate hen

Posted by tim on 1/06/06
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    On 1/05/06, KarenH wrote:
    > That slate is a beauty.
    > A question for you:
    > Have you had this hen since it was a baby? I was wondering
    > what color it was when it started to feather out.
    > I have a baby from a white faced Australian cinnamon violet
    > hen x Australian cinnamon cock who is feathering out
    > completely cinnamon colored. This baby's whole body (so far)
    > is the color of the cinnamon bird's flight feathers. I can't
    > tell the rump color yet, though.
    > Karen
    Thank You Karen. I didn't hand feed her myself but she is a
    hand fed baby by a friend,she came to me recently with her
    seagreen mate,her first two babies are quite dark, not the down
    but the skin down the wings,backhead and dark feet so i'm going
    to ass/ume that they are slates LOL I'll keep you posted.
    Sounds like your baby is going to be a beauty keep us posted
    and maybe some pics too? I'll post some pics soon. Tim